Intentions are a great start to the day

A few years ago I began to practice early morning meditation with the purpose of settings positive intentions for my day. This practice changed my attitude immediately and helped me to begin my day intentionally.  

My intention are simple:

  • Thank you for today, yesterday and I pray I make it until tomorrow
  • That my words are from a place of partnership and growth
  • Thank you for my children and my home, and I wish for them to be successful in their endeavors
  • That I can solve the riddles that come my way
  • That i can help those on their journey passing through
  • Remind myself I am an abundance of love, happiness, health, and wealth

These intentions are great in reminding me to be a better human being, leader, and friend as I go through the day.

I do this with incense I get from a little store called the Sword and the Rose in San Francisco.  Even my Grandpa Joe has begun the practice in this new phase of his life.

My advice: Be intentional about how you want to interact for the day, and set yourself up for success by reinforcing best behaviors. Find a space and time to get yourself started on your own morning meditations.