Say Yes More Often

As many of you know, I have said “yes” to many things in my life that weren’t popular at the time. But boy did they turn out wonderful, and some came with amazing life lessons. A few of my “yes” moments, that were originally frowned upon were – getting married so young (and divorced just as fast), being a surrogate, changing jobs, going on a road trip with a new friend/stranger, adopting a dog from Alaska or getting pet chickens & bees.  All these things “Yes” moments are now part of story people tell about me and what most seem to like about me. Of course, some stories started off as something unhappy and the Yes was a way out!

For instance, when I decided to be a surrogate a little over a decade ago, it was met with some criticism and cruel comments from some very loving family members. But once the twins were born everyone cried at the loving site of a new family.  You see, of course ,I loved carrying a child and if you know me this is something I would do for another person.  But my real drive was trying to heal an unhappy me and the emotional baggage I carried from experiencing a divorce right after I had my own son.  Because our marriage was plagued with his infidelity and my insecurity, I was consumed with something other than my beautiful baby when I had him.  Being a surrogate was going to let me experience the happiness of pregnancy and the joyous moments associated with it.

What made that journey even more poignant, for me, was when the Grandmother of the twins sent me the most amazing Mother’s Day card. Her words in summary were around dreams coming true for her family and seeing her son becoming a father. There was more in it, but that is between Ada and myself.

Her card made me cry (HARD).  I was then able to see this experience and the amazing effect it would have on my family and their perception or opinion of what made a family. Now I have an extended family and “cousins” that have treated Davaughn and I just like family from day 1.

My advice: Get out of your comfort zone, stop looking for ways to say no and encourage yourself to say yes, even when it scares you. You will be happier for it and you will have some amazing adventures.Say Yes

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