Make your list!

A good portion of us seem to have a list of simple behaviors we would like to incorporate into our daily lives, yet struggle with the execution. However, we do so well with Christmas shopping lists,and getting everyone else taken care of. So make yourself a list!

Start simple, make a daily to-do list. You can get into the habit and excitement of checking it off everyday. Make it doable; make coffee/tea, take shower, drink 64 oz of water (you can break that up in glasses), and check your social media. Then in a few days add on 10 min walk after dinner, morning meditation, eat vegetables with lunch, etc. After time your list can take on impactful meanings as you add on life projects around vacation, savings, and educational opportunities.

My list is made up on a poster board at home filled with post it notes and sectioned off into themes: health, education, relaxation, and family/household. Creating a list and eventually a roadmap has really helped me to manage the fire drills at work and life because I have a daily practice of prioritization.

My advice: Start seeing yourself as the Christmas gift you’ve been wanting. Make your list and start to incorporate better behaviors and activities for you to be a healthier and happier you.

Books to read: Eat that Frog, by Brian Tracy

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