Hugs are Powerful

So on paper I should be living my best life.  However, the truth is I took a new turn and started a new adventure.  As with any adventure I am looking to find my place, my voice, and help define my value.  But things weren’t going as best as I wanted it to.  I began to doubt myself, began to wonder if I had value, began to allow a cancer of negatively to consume me.  I grew sad and frustrated and turned to those who knew me best in these situations.  I turned to old bosses and team members to help me talk it out to see how I can pivot to make this really the great adventure I knew I could. They all reminded me that this was not who I was, nor were they allowing me to even continue to think like this.

Then I ran into some old colleagues this weekend at a baby shower, in a 30 minute period I was recharged and felt loved again – a signal that I was missing that in my new structure.  I was able to use my words in kindness to explain my frustration and what I got as a universal response was a HUG.  Not a wimpy casual hug, like a strong, two hands, squeeze, pause, and then release kind of a hug.  The kind of hug that reminded me I was grounded in friendship, love, and a confidence from those around me (near and far) even when I doubt myself.  It felt magical.

So for the first time in almost 2 months I got up smiling, went to work and dealt with frustration – with a smile on my face, and had a really challenging and honest conversation (with that same smile).  Those hugs changed me.  They reminded me I come from great people who will have my back when the primrose party take a prickly turn.

My advice: Remember to recharge and surround yourself with those who believe in you, and squeeze 🙂

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