Define Your Paradise!

Paradise can be subjective. What is bliss to one, can be a trigger to anxiety for another. So before you have hashtag#FOMO remember what drives YOU, motivates YOU, and allows YOU to sleep soundly every night!

I have had so many amazing adventures, interactions, and stumbles in this life that has brought me to the realization of what defines my happiness today. However, my path doesn’t equate your happiness. So before you even trigger yourself to being envious of another persons path or disappointed of the road you chose, remember that:
* You woke up on the right side of grass today
* Your happiness is defined by you, and not others IG posts
* This has the potential to be the greatest day of your life, so make it happen – #OWNIT!

Be the Captain of your ship and decide whether you like turbulent seas hashtag#business hashtag#path hashtag#interactions , or sailing in smooth waters. Regardless, you have decided your charted course and it was yours alone to sail with a smile on your face.

Blessings in abundance and gratitude my friends. #blessings #thingsjensays  #sailing

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