Are you choosing the happy path?

Navigating each day can be an opportunity or a challenge. How can we start to program ourselves to see each day as an opportunity, to be the best us, and enjoy every moment?

My advice, start with the end in mind. If you start to envision where you want to go and acknowledge that you are meant to overcome challenges, in order to achieve your success, then you will start to see any obstacle as something you were meant to encounter and learn from.

There is the old saying about something being a “blessing in disguise” When you choose to look at unwelcome events as being a learning opportunity you start to acknowledge that you are in control of your happiness and manifesting your destiny to get to the end state that your mind’s eye envisioned.

So, take a minute and acknowledge yourself. You are meant to experience life, you are meant to be happy, you were meant to be here! Admit it, what was your blessing in disguise, and how happy are you that you got to experience it?

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