About Jen

Hi! I’m Jen.

My life has been filled with some awesome adventures. Sometimes they began as youthful ignorance, blind faith, or simply being foolish. However what I have gained in real and honest lessons in life has helped me change into being a better person.

I am based out of the only place I have ever lived – the San Francisco Bay Area.

I was married young, became a mother and then quickly became a single mother.  My career has been blessed with wonderful people who took a chance on a younger me and saw potential and those leaders help guide and navigate me to thinking outside the box.  I don’t have traditional school, I’ve scrapped together my education, but it has truly been through the leaders, friends, and strangers I have come across in my life that have really elevated my way of perceiving and reacting to life.

I have tripped and stumbled throughout my path, but it has truly been in appreciating the next day and seeing each experience as a lesson that has helped me become a happier, healthier and better person.

I hope you can take some of my advice, because I sure didn’t all the time and I wish I had.

Have a blessed day!